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Live Life On The Offense.

By planning your life before you plan your meetings, you get to do more of the things you love to do with the people you love to do them with. This is the foundation of Jesse Itzler’s Build Your Life Resume® and everything it offers.

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Jesse Itzler’s Program

Live The Life You Want To Live.

People ask me how I balance business, kids, wife and family stuff yet still run races, take trips, and achieve big goals. The answer is Build Your Life Resume®: It’s my simple, effective program to optimize and prioritize my life. To help others live their life to the fullest I created Calendar Club™ - a community based around living your life on offense, not on defense. So, instead of others scheduling your year, you move to offense and map out your year in advance, which include the adventures, habits and goals YOU want to achieve.

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“You only have one shot at life… So make it count! Build Your Life Resume® is all about learning new skills and achieving BIG goals; valuing experiences over material things; and having no “zero” days. So let’s dominate life - together!”
- Jesse

What Is The Calendar Club™?

New Experiences. Winning Habits. Life Changing Events.

Jesse Itzler’s Build Your Life Resume® Calendar Club™ is where your year of amazing achievements begins. The Calendar Club™ combines community, tools and experiences to help you dominate life. Get ready to achieve unbelievable accomplishments - together.

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What Sets The BYLR® Calendar Club™ Apart

Ready to play your life on offense? Calendar Club ™ is based on Jesse’s 12-month program of planning your year to achieve big things. It includes the community, tools and education to help you dominate:

Calendar Club™ Community

Connect. Engage. Thrive.

Want to experience amazing live and virtual events? Participate in group challenges? Expand your personal and professional network? Get live monthly interactions with Jesse? Then the Calendar Club™ Community is where it’s at.

The Big A## Calendar™

Plan Your Life Before Your Meetings

The single greatest tool to DOMINATE your next 12 months is the Big A## Calendar™! This amazing system will help you orchestrate the exact same 4-step program that Jesse has been using for decades.

BYLR® Course

Jesse’s Foundational Series

The foundation of Jesse’s lifestyle system, these on-demand lessons are based on Jesse Itzler’s successes in his personal and professional life. A visionary system that will help you gain winning habits, winning routines and a winning mindset.

What BYLR Grads Are Saying

Michael B
Michael B. | BYLR Graduate

"Jesse and the whole tribe I've met through his coaching have been a game changer in all the major buckets of my life."


"This is really and truly one of the best things I've ever done. Not just for myself, but the nature of BYLR pays it forward and infects others with the vibe to live well."


"Thanks Jesse Itzler for all the inspiration. Your energy and passion are definitely a blessing and a gift."

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Let’s create winning habits, winning routines and a winning mindset today!

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