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Calendar Club™ Will Help You Dominate Your Year

Jesse Itzler’s Build Your Life Resume® Calendar Club™ is THE place to get direct access to Jesse Itzler, the Big A## Calendar™ and your BYLR® online courses. PLUS you are part of the amazing Calendar Community, so get ready for live monthly calls with Jesse, expert sessions, live and in-person experiences, challenges and so much more. Let’s plan your year, achieve your goals and adventures, and celebrate our successes - together!

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The Calendar Club

Connect. Engage. Thrive.

Become part of the amazing group of people who want to experience, achieve and succeed. This is why Jesse’s program works:

Jesse’s Leadership

Only here will you get access to the creator of the program, Jesse Itzler, in monthly live calls - connect, ask questions, and get inspired by his real-life experiences and advice.


With our community and trainers achieve your milestones and make positive, lasting connections, through weekly check-ins, events, and more.

Challenging Your Mindset

Our exclusive challenges encourage you to think big and push yourself, to physically and emotionally expand your perceived limitations.

Expand Your Knowledge

Our featured Experts bring their lifetime of expertise to monthly sessions that will help you grow and achieve in ways you never thought possible.

Tools for Success

The combination of The Big A## Calendar™, the Calendar Club™ and the BYLR® Course is unparalleled in helping you plan, prioritize, and achieve your goals.

Enhance Your Network

Enhance your life in and out of the office with the community of like-minded people who are all in it to dominate life, 365!

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The Big A## Calendar™

Plan Your Life Before You Plan Your Meetings

The best way to plan your life - PERIOD. The Big A## Calendar™ is part of the Calendar Club™ membership, so get ready to plan your year to do more of what you want to do, with the people you love doing it with. Prioritize and schedule the things you want to do before any meetings or appointments are even scheduled. As a Calendar Club™ Member, you will have the guidance and support of Jesse, our Experts, and fellow members to achieve your Calendar goals:


Put one big thing on your calendar that will define 2022: This is what a Misogi is all about. Make it challenging and memorable, so the benefits last well beyond the event. Run a marathon, master a new language, climb a mountain - you choose your Misogi, we help you achieve it… then celebrate your success in the Calendar Community.

Kevin’s Rules

Once every eight weeks, do something you would NOT have done on a typical weekend: This is Kevin’s Rule. Trips, adventures or experiences that aren’t the norm. Do this in 2022 and you will create new memories that will last a lifetime… do this for the next 30 years and you will have gained 150 new memories and experiences.

Winning Habits

Small steps add up, and your new Winning Habits will soon become second nature. Breathing exercises, drinking more water, flossing your teeth… the list is yours to create, and once you put them on the Calendar, they WILL become part of your life.

The BYLR® Course

Jesse’s Foundational Series

As a Calendar Club™ Member, you have automatic access to Jesse’s six-part on-demand BYLR® course - plus bonus content!

You are running out of time
Build the machine
My 15 steps to grow your biz & influence
Give me energy
Break the norm
How do we keep the fire burning?

Bonus content includes insight from Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx (and Jesse’s better half!).

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Get Ready To Dominate 2022!

Achieve more than you can imagine in 2022 by planning your year, prioritizing your life, and optimizing your goals. The all new Calendar Club™ program begins January 1, 2022, so sign up today to reserve your spot and receive your Big A## Calendar™, Calendar Planner, box of amazing SWAG and more!

CLUB STARTS 01/01/22

What you’ll get in 2022

As a Calendar Club™ Member you’ll get access to all this so you can live life on offense in 2022:

  • The member’s only BYLR® app
  • Monthly Live Calls with Jesse Itzler
  • Access to the BYLR® Course
  • A 2022 Big A## Calendar™
  • Monthly experiences delivered by world-class experts
  • Ability to network with other club members
  • An all new Calendar Club™ Planner
  • An amazing box of BYLR® SWAG
  • 52 weekly motivations
  • Early access to in-person events

Dominate 2022

What you’ll achieve in 2022

As a Calendar Club™ Member you’ll be on a course to achieve al this by the end of 2022:

  • Completed one BIG year-defining event
  • Experienced 6 mini adventures
  • Completed the BYLR® Course
  • Scheduled time to learn, volunteer, and create memories with loved ones
  • Completed health, business, mindset, and philanthropic challenges
  • Expanded your knowledge and skill set of how to get the most out of every day
  • Enhanced your professional and personal network
  • Experienced in-person and virtual events unlike any others

Do more of what you love EVERY DAY - 365

Let’s create winning habits, winning routines and a winning mindset today!

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